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Daytona Maduro Figurado – Studio Tobac Sampler 2012- Mini Noob Review
Daytona Maduro Figurado – Studio Tobac Sampler 2012- Mini Noob Review

This cigar has perked my interest since I saw the pics of it from Nicaragua. And when I heard Daytona Maduro Figurado, I knew it was going to be just fantastic. When I received my sampler it was the first one that caught my eye… I knew I wanted this one and the F Maduro to sit for a few weeks and rest. To me a Maduro gets better with age, but this is my personal opinion. As always this review is of my thoughts, feelings, and personal judgments. With that being said take it or leave it, but don’t base smoking it on my review. I am a firm believer that everyone should smoke a cigar for themselves, not based on reviews. I have been told before that cigar is absolutely horrible by one person and fantastic by another… My saying “Smoke it yourself and then you decide.”
Thank you for taking the time to look at my review.

Overall :
Size : Don’t really know maybe a 6X60, same size as V Figurado.
Release : Studio Tobac Sampler 2012
Burn Time : 1.5-1.75 hours
Cut : Studio Tobac Cutter – Straight Cut
Lit With : Soft flame
Burn : Wasn’t a bad burn had to correct a bit, but nothing to ruin the cigar, could have been the light.
Draw : Draw was perfect, just the right amount of smoke.
Ash : Held about 3/4 through the first 1/3.
Drink : Bottle Water/Oolong Tea
Temp : 68ish
Pros : Outstanding flavor that was added with the Maduro wrapper, plus a Figurado can it be any better than a Figurado with a Maduro wrapper?
Cons : Really couldn’t find any
Box Purchase : Heck Yeah
Should be full production : Another big heck yeah

So here goes, predraw was what I would compare to any Daytona, but with a hint of sweetness.

[Image: 3d36ab9b.jpg]

[Image: 6cdf26fd.jpg]

Start 1/3: This cigar had me guessing flavors right off the bat. Seems sweet and I swear I just tasted what I would say an orange flavor, but can’t tell. Picked up some fruity/citrus flavors at the end of the 1/3.

[Image: 3f16176e.jpg]

Start 2/3: Continued along that Citrus/Fruity flavors with a sweet cedary flavor to it… I love this cigar this is by far the best Daytona I have smoked… Not a lot of spice to me, maybe a touch but to me it was just a smooth sweet fruity flavor with touch of cedar. Did seem to pick up the cedar flavor towards middle of the 2/3.

[Image: 2b77dabc.jpg]

Start 3/3: Not much changed from 2/3 to 3/3 except cedar seems to have lowered on strength. This cigar is outstanding; I want more of these bad. At the middle point of the 3/3 the cedar seems to have turned to more of a woody flavor, but there is still that sweet fruity/citrusy flavors. I guess what you would think a Maduro wrapper would add to a Daytona. I love the Daytona line, but this blows any of the other Daytona’s away in my opinion.

[Image: e56f856c.jpg]

End : I hated to put this down, I wanted to keep smoking it till there was no cigar left. But it was starting to burn me. I have a few more of these I got at the event going to let them rest for a few months and the revisit again. But I have a feeling that age with make this cigar even better if possible.

[Image: 0f52adcf.jpg]

Overall 10/10: This cigar was outstanding, from start to finish. This is by far the best Daytona I have ever smoked. I loved it and if it were available for purchase I would buy boxes, yes boxes of these… I didn’t want this cigar to finish; I was actually on the phone with a buddy towards the end and I told him I was thinking of grabbing one of the others I had just so I didn’t have to stop smoking it. What a great job Studio Tobac. This is another great cigar in this year’s sampler. So far I am really impressed by what I have smoked out of this sampler. Bryan you didn’t steer me wrong when you told me this year’s sampler was going to be badass… Thanks again to the guys at ST for this stick… Keep up the awesome work…

[Image: c7d5f636.jpg]
Very nice review Dan....I'm drooling just reading about this one !!!!!
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dude this cigar was incredible... i loved every puff...
Nice review!

Nicely done danimal
Great review.

Can't wait to try one.
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Get 'em before Tank does!
(05-04-2012, 04:39 PM)The542 Wrote: Get 'em before Tank does!

How true..
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Sounds awesome, love maduros. Will def be looking for these.
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Thanks for the review. I havent had any Cains from the line, the Lancero and This shape look the most delicious.

Gonna have to get on these cause tank or mum will buy these like a boss
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