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Cusano 18
B-Dub Cigar Ambassador Wrote:Isn't taste a funny thing?

I absolutely LOVE the Cusano 18's in Natural. Haven't tried the Maduros but their Connecticut Shade is just so damn good.

The Cusano Corojo is also a great cigar, and quite different. While the 18 is very leathery, sweet, woody and a thick creamy body to the smoke, the Corojo is more spicy, sweet, woody; a little fuller in strength and nice. Both have a terrific aroma; but again, I like the 18 better.

I get these from ET @ TBS-Cigars for an embarassingly low price. Jeez. If I had a conscience, I'd feel bad about how little I pay Eric for a box of Cusanos. It is definitely nowhere near the $5-6 range. MUCH lower.

But I think this is one of the BEST value cigars out there. Since trying them, I have never been without a box of Cusano 18 and Cusano Corojo (both Churchill size) in my humidor. I highly recommend them. Try the 18 with your coffee in the morning.
Thanks!   Anyone looking for a 5-pack or a box... PM me and I'll give you a deal.   (Prices online are set by the manufacturer) but StogieChat membership has its rewards!  lol  Wink

Eric, do you have the Cusano 18 Maduro's?
Viva Lancero!

Had the maduro this past weekend.  I believe that you guys are right-a darn good hearty smoke.  Full bodied too, that one required me to take a breather of sorts afterwards. 
Mark Wrote:Eric, do you have the Cusano 18 Maduro's?

I'm sure he does, Mark.

For best results...
Give him a jingle.
Or send him a PM.

He might not see this for months.

And when you get a price from him, PM me.
I've been needing to try a box of those.
Don't forget to go for the Churchills.
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets!!!
i love cusano's. i bought a box from thompson, they were corojo's and came with a 5'er of the 18's and a leather case. been hooked since, although i find the 18's to be a bit more "potent" than some other cigars. i.e., i usually don't smoke them before i need to get behind the wheel, but that could just be me.
The Cusano cigars, I'm told, are made at the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. The thing about Cusanos are that they are a good cigar for less money than more expensive comparables. The Vintage 97 Corojo is in fact very good. The C10 Corona also. The 18s nats are very mild with a double Connecticut. We had there sampler pack for our semi annual cigar dinner; they were awesome

The reason the shops support Cusano so much is they are a great bunch of people and have good cigars.
Eric B
Sure do!   Its always best to PM or email me as it takes me some time to get through the new posts...and sometimes I miss some too!

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