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Snakeman you are correct, Steve was one of the best and most knowledgeable herpatologist in the world. His contributions from an early age to the field and the reseach he compiled is unquestionable. But even experts all over the world have questioned his practices for years. If some lesser known individual had down some of the things he did would still be in jail. But as it stands he was given a pass due to his status.

I too have been an amatur herpatologist for many years, as a teenager I worked at one of the largest reptile farms in the US and handled gators,crocs, and just about every snake you can name. I learned some things while watching Steve and reading a lot about him but you have to remember that what most people know/see Irwin do is made for TV and that isn't the real world. One of the most impressive things I noticed about him were his relexes, he avoided a lot of problems by knowing the animals behavior, but his reflexes saved his butt on many occassions.

He didn't buy the zoo he operated, it was his fathers and he took it over when his father retired. It was barely more than a roadside zoo until he sold his show to television. Don't get me wrong, I think he was a great ambassador and champion for animal conservation, I just don't think think his motives for doing so are as pure as everyone thinks. I also don't think that his ability to make money doing what he loved is a bad thing, hell don't all of us wish we loved getting up everyday so we could go to work? To support our family better than our parents did?  I know that's why I go there everyday. But I sure wish I could teach more at the local schools about reptiles & animals in general and make a living at that.

And as someone above said, this is MHO, nothing more.
PO Wrote:I feel like you guys are blowing this way out of proportion.  Steve grew up in the outback with all of these creatures, thats all he ever knew.  I think all he was doing was trying to create awareness before many of these creatures become extinct.  He loved these creatures like his own family.  He never did this for the money.  I am a long time follower of his.  He knew one day that it would catch up to him but if he could bring these creatures into your home for you to see well I think he did his job.  How many of us would ever see 1/4 these creatures?  It was done out of education and to help protect them.  How many of us here watch Jacques Cousteau?  I know I did, and I am glad that there are people out there willing to risk there lives for the education of it.   He had to get  peoples attention some how if thats what it took than thats what he did.  I feel great sorrow that we lost a great educator and hope that his kids keep up his work with these creatures.  That's my .02
Right on brother!!! Cousteau was the best.
I really liked watching his shows. It was the closest I'll ever come to some of the creatures he had on there. I really admired his enthusiasm.

It's a shame something as simple as a stingray got him.

If you've been wade fishing before you know how unusual it is to get hit, but also how nasty it can be.

He will be missed.

I'd be interested to know whether Mr. Irwin was able to procure an adequate amount of life insurance to protect his family in the event of something like this?

Not having that in place would be the one thing that would make me think him irresponsible. Otherwise, I have heard that he was the consumate professional.

I'm sure the answer will have a lot to do with the quality of life that he leaves to his wife and children. In my opinion, you gotta have life insurance... especially doing something like that.

Anybody heard anything in this regard?
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets!!!
No, but I'm sure with owning the reptile zoo and all the shows his family is set.
You know.. I always thought that one day we would hear on the news: "Crock hunter was hospitalized last night as doctors worked through the night trying to reattach his left hand recovered form the mouth of a crocodile"... I dont think I ever expected his death... Just a mishap of some sort
He was out of his element being in the water. While agile, strong and very fast on land dealing with his usual snakes and croc's his instincts worked. In the water a whole different set of awareness factors make a skilled diver. He probably never knew he was over the ray until it was too late.  A large stingray can have a stinger up to 18"  Confusedhock:, and it will pierce you like a triangulated knife blade.

RIP Steve! 
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