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Coronado by La Flor
Corona Especial

5 7/8 x 47

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

a very well built cigar that has a wonderfull reddish brown wrapper. The thick wrapper has an nice oily leathery look to it. The wrapper delivers a nice secnt of bergamot with freshly made pasta scent and a hint of a brothy oregano. There is a slight bite of pepper on the lips and tongue but it fades as you smoke the cigar

The foot toasted in a most excellent fashion. I was surprised as the first inch delivered a spiciness I was not ready for. As the cigar reached the end of the first inch the smoke, still a rich creamy smoke took on the characteristics of a chocolaty, cedar with a very mild hint of pepper. The flavor remained stable to the end. Not really much in flavor, but it was very consistant, to the point of being almost one dimensional. Being a mild to medium cigar, this would be a nice entry level smoke. This smoke has an average price of about 6.30 per stick.

The cigar needed some minor touch up once it got past the halfway mark as it had a tendency of dying out, although the burn was a near perfect laser straight burn. The ash is a nice light gray almost white ash. There was no flakiness to the ash.
thank you for the reveiw  but i never had a problem with mine i like this cigar alot!Smile
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Glad you were able to enjoy this cigar, Joe
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Thanks for the review, I will have to revisit these. [rob]
Good review, a very good smoke.
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Nice review, one of my favorite smokes.
A very nice review on a top cigar choice of mine.

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