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Cool Stuff!
Hello all and hope that this finds you well! I just had to share this with everyone and hope that this is not an old topic, but I thought that it was cool! I was looking the net and found this little item on Amazon. For thsoe times that you dont have any thing to cut your smoke and you have lost your bullet punch look at this little every day carry knife.


[Image: 415WZGFY1SL._SL160_AA160_.jpg?SSImageQuality=Full]

I ordered mine and got it yesterday and have used it with no problems. Look @ the blade at the bottom of the pic you will see three holes. These holes are the punches and you dont have to worry about lossing the end of your bullet that cant be replaced or worry about the wrong size bullet cause it has a small, med, and large. Y ou can pick this little item up for $47.59 plus shipping(I think, i'd have to look at the bill). *****Plus this has a LIFE TIME WARRENTY!!!!*****

I used it when i got ready to smoke one of the Kentucky Gentalmen Cigars, Firetip Churchill, ( that was sent to me by the owners wife as extras (to my simple little order of 2 coronas. I got about $45 worth of sticks for $17). 


To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
Theodore Roosevelt

Nice find
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this is extremely tempting..always wanted a punch, just never have gotten around to picking one up, and this would be very handy...

That looks cool!  Another guy I know has the Swiss Army Knife with the cigar scissors, and he swears by them! 

SKipper has a swiss army knife that has a cigar cutter.  He swears by it.
Now this looks like something that'd come in handy! Neat find, mate!
I Stopped by the Local JR cigar store today for the Ultimate Taste test. This taste test was for the JR Ultimate double maduro and the Natural (Both were Toro's). Hey these were free smokes. They had one of the Master cigar men there from there home office in Jersey and i had a chance to show this little jewel to him. He stated that this was something that they would have to look into getting for the store.

 Best of all i got to smke some free sticks while i was there! if no one has ever tried these smokes then i would recomend them to any one that likes a smooth, med-full smoke (maduro). I f you like a more mild smoke then you would like the natual. Either of these would make a good every day smoke. Oh!!! I forgot to tell the best part. Before i left, one of the tobacconist that is a normal employee there went to the counter, got a bag and let me have five of the double maduro smokes and told me to take them and enjoy! i walked out with about $15 worth of smokes and smoked about $6 worth will onsite.


if anyone is in NC @ the end of October, JR's (Statesville) will be having a cigar class one day for about 2hrs. The fee is, I think, $15 and they will be givin g you smokes while you are there to try and enjoy. They will be covering issues such as smokes that dry out, too wet, care of the stickes home(humi), and other issues that normally would not be know by the average joe.


To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
Theodore Roosevelt


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