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Consuegra # 279 Double Corona Oscuro
7" X 48, Oscuro

Appearance: This was a weekly special and in that special they claimed that unlike normal, this specific cigar was not a "second", like most Consuegras are, but an overstock on a first run cigar (which they would not name, obviously). Well, if this was the case, it was a rather rustic looking cigar. This pretty much means is par for the course, as it pretty much looked about the quality of other "Connies" I have had. Medium brown (even though they claim it is Oscuro) and toothy was how this stogie looked.

Pre-Light: The clip was easy with my newly sharpened Xikar Xi2 Cutter. The Prelight draw seemed tight and had a few notes of tanginess to it. Nothing terribly special.

Burn/Draw: The burn was pretty much a non issue, it self corrected and I really did not think about it much. The ash was firm and held tight way past an inch. It was mottled and skewered toward darker grey. The burn was tight at first but blossomed nicely at about an inch and a half and was free and easy after that.

Flavors: this was a pretty decent bundled cigar. The flavors were fairly straight forward. The first third was really tangy, but after that the rest of the way it settled in to a more cedary and spicy character. Toward the last third it got rather rich and earthy and the spice kicked up through the finish. Overall this was a pretty good smoke, and it was a steal at about eighty eight cents a stick. I think I have found a nice cookout cigar for this summer.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
A good take on the Connies Tom.  I saw this special a couple weeks ago and almost bit myself but decided to stick with my #9 maddies.  I find that these are pretty good with a couple years on them so I usuall buy a few bundles and just rotate them up to the drawer as necessary.  I, too, tend to smoke them around the bonfire or when I'm imbibing and don't plan to give my cigar much attention. 

Thanks for the review.  You've been on fire lately!  Keep up the good work.Wink
No, I didn't grab them up in time before they sold out.

I am due for an order of yard gars...maybe I'll hit the #9's again.
Awesome review!! I got a bundle of these from jr last week also, looks like $.88 cents a gar well spent.
i got my bundle in last night, and burned one of these. i was actually quite surprised at how good it was. razor sharp burn, good flavors, i really enjoyed it.

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