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Congratulations Due to Robbie
First of all thank you very much to Gunnar and everyone who responded!  I am very excited.  This project has been dragged out for over 9 months, mainly due to packaging, but is finally ready. 

Before and during our group trip to Camp Camacho in February of this year I kept talking to Christian about a custom blend and/or a custom and exclusive size in the Diploma blend.  Well, three weeks after I returned from that trip on a Thursday night Christian sent me a text message and asked me if I wanted to fly with him to Honduras on Sunday and work on "my blend".  It took about 5 seconds to reply "ABSOLUTELY!"  So I flew to Miami and on Sunday met Christian to fly to Honduras. 

[Image: christianarivingroatan.JPG]

Once we got to Honduras it was straight to work talking about new blends and also sampling things that Christian already had.  Some of the blends he already rolled had been aging for as long as 7 years.  These were test runs from various experiments and projects.  I smoked a ton of them, reluctantly, but found 2 that I loved!  Also, Christian's Dad got involved and that cost me a bunch more money. 

These cigars are being hand delivered to me by Christian on Thursday.  In attendance will be Christian Eiroa, Carlos Escalona, Dylan Austin, Matt Booth (Room 101 jewelry), Gary Arzt (, Jeff Bass (a great artist, check out his website), and possibly a couple of other out-of-town guests.  Here is some information about the cigars and a link to a photo album page with pictures from one of my blending trips!



Deep in the heart of the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, not far from the Nicaraguan border, the Eiroa family has been growing authentic Cuban-seed tobacco for decades. For over 10 years the Eiroa family has been using the only truly authentic Cuban Corojo seed available today.  Julio Eiroa took these seeds from their family farm in Cuba nearly 50 years ago.  

In my search to find a great blend to launch Cordova Cigar’s first release in its “Morton Collection”, I flew with Christian Eiroa to his family’s plantation in Honduras. There, with Christian and his father, Julio Eiroa, we sampled numerous blends until finally we discovered this cigar you are viewing today.  Upon first tasting these cigars I knew that no better blend of well aged, authentic Corojo tobaccos could be found.


[size=4]Christian’s Cabinet:

     Made of 100% First generation Corojo tobacco from those original Cuban seeds, these cigars were rolled in 2004 and have been quietly aging in Spanish cedar cabinets at the Camacho factory for years.  We decided to call it “CHRISTIAN’S CABINET” in honor of Christian Eiroa’s incredible blending skills and his determination to age these cigars to the peak of maturity. 


This unique blend of Honduran Corojo tobaccos offers rich earth tones along with a hint of peppery spice, both reminders of the fine tobaccos the Eiroa family once grew in Cuba.  These cigars offer you a full bodied yet eminently refined smoking experience that should delight your palate without overpowering you.[/i]


I am extremely proud to offer these fine cigars to you as the premier of our “MORTON COLLECTION”. These “CHRISTIAN’S CABINET” cigars are an extremely limited release of less than 15,000 cigars and they are only available through CORDOVA CIGARS. When these cigars are gone there will be no more of this unique blend of aged Corojo tobaccos.  The corojo Christian’s Cabinet is available in a 5”x50, 6”x50, 7”x48, 6.25”x52 torpedo, and 5.5”x44.


[size=4]Prensado Criollo Box Pressed:

This cigar came about as an experiment by Christian to try to create a cigar along the lines of a Diploma strength and quality, but with a Criollo wrapper, rather than the 100% Corojo blend that comprises the existing Diploma blend.  For this experiment Christian created a couple of sizes and box pressed them, a sign of things to come for Camacho.  Christian never got the boldness out of this blend that HE wanted, but I think that the bold Corojo filler tobaccos complement this Criollo very nicely and give it much more complexity and body than the traditional Camacho Havana line.  Plus, this is top grade tobacco as this project was designed to complement the Diploma line.  It is a very different taste than both the Christian’s Cabinet line of 100% corojo tobacco and also much more full and complex than a Camacho Havana.  The Box Press is available in a 5”x50, a 7”x48, and a 6”x44.[/size]


This is a cigar that I know very little about.  I believe it could have been a conspiracy.  This “new” blend was custom blended for me by Christian’s father, Julio Eiroa.  Christian and his father are very competitive, always trying to make a better cigar than the other.  When Julio found out what I was doing for all of this time at the factory he brought me a cigar.  I asked him what it was.  He said it was the “L2”.  I asked him what tobacco was in it.  He wouldn’t tell me.  He STILL won’t tell me.  All is know is that it is all tobacco from their farms.  This is definitely the most full bodied cigar made by Julio that I have ever smoked.  It is definitely not a Camacho Select.  The reason I say it may be a conspiracy is that this cigar was conveniently presented to me AFTER I bought the entire production of the two lines of Christian’s Cabinet.  When I smoked the L2 I honestly couldn’t decide which blend I preferred.  So, as any good cigar smoker would do, I bought both, leaving me with three blends.  For now the L2 is available only in a Robusto, but other sizes will hopefully follow very soon.


Check out pictures of the trip to create the line here:

[Image: Cordova%20Bands%20-%20Cropped%20-%20resized.jpg]


[Image: CRA_ambassador_seal-smaller.jpg]
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[Image: RobbieofCordova-2.gif]
Wow Robbie those bands look sharp!  Congrats on the new line of cigars!
These look / sound cool. Mac is correct - you need to get on the email list with Robbie.

Congrats Robbie. Have fun on Thursday. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. [thumbsup]
congratulations robbie.  that is a fantastic accomplishment.  best of luck. 
Robbie, this is fantastic[thumbsup]
congrat robbie cant wait to try them [bravo2]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
almost as sharp as Wingo's avatar.


Hey, I heard a rumor that Camacho was bought out by Davidoff...
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:almost as sharp as Wingo's avatar.


Hey, I heard a rumor that Camacho was bought out by Davidoff...
Not a rumor.  This one's true!  Sounds like they bought everything but the farms so they'll still be growing the tobacco.  All Camacho employees will be staying on including Christian.
That is soooo cool Robbie...
Look forward to trying some out on your deck before long... Wink
Woh, nice bands. Can't wait to try 'em. Congratulations, Robbie!
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets!!!

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