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Cigars and diets
ktee Wrote:
Djaric Wrote:
ktee Wrote:Me and the wifey decided to go on a diet since we were kinda beginning to look like  Goodyear blimps that cruise around the air.  I hit 257lbs and at 6' that was a tad on the overweight side.  The diet we chose was Medifast and consists of 6 meals a day.  You have five of their meals (shakes, eggs, chili, soup, pudding, snack bars, etc) and one lean & green meal which is up to 7oz of meat, veggies and salad.  So far we are doing well, the wife has lost 13lbs in 13 days and I have lost 15lbs in 13 days and feeling great!

There is one issue though, went fishing on Monday and brought along some sticks and smoked my first NUB Habano, nice stick.  However the food I brought was mainly snack bars and shakes so nothing substantial in my stomach.  I was skeptical about firing up the NUB but thought what the hell, nice day, good company and catching feesh.  I got about 3/4 of the way through it when the sickly feeling hit the stomach, combine that with the swells and I was not doing so well.  Didn't get sick but man that was a tough hour or so until the nicotine metabolised and started to feel better.

So looks like I may have to back off a little smoking stronger sticks to lose weight.  It is tough a trade off but will try to smoke them after the lean & greeen meal.  Another bummer is no adult beverages, this was really tough when we got back to port on Monday and were cleaning the fish and a bottle of 12yr Jameison was pulled out and had to pass [baby]

So the point is, maybe smoking should be taken into consideration if you decide to go on a diet but what is more important [cigar] hummmm. you be the judge!
congrats man! 

Me thinks someone might have gotten in trouble with their post or ??????[lol]

Official weight in this morning, down 17lbs in two weeks....whoo hooo!!!!

Now have to make a cup of coffee and find one of those diet ceegars [really]
lol nah.  Tongue

Official weigh in today, down 21lbs in 21 days and over 6" in various areas, some things were to large [lol]

Off to go fishing for two days with my son [bravo]
Nice work man.

Have fun on the fishing trip.  What are you going for this time?  More Halibut?
I like smoking lightning
The weight loss program is working awesome except it has slowed down my smoking.  Had a Monte #4 last night and had a slight case of the round-a-whirl.  This part of the program bums me out but don't have much further to go and will be able to enjoy the full sticks again instead of the mild-medium.  Don't get me wrong, there are some good ones in this range but my favs are the fuller sticks.

btw- down 30lbs in 32 days and feeling great!

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