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I'm loving my Danneman Sweets Filters cigarillos in my humidor at 67&. They're so nice for a smoke. At 65% they were too harsh and dry, but 67% seems to be the sweet point. I've also enjoyed their Moods Filters too. Any other cigarillos out there I should try? I thought about Onyx or Ashton, but Ashton is expensive. Like $20 for a 10 ct tin. Crazy. I've heard Black & Milds are good, but they rate pretty low over at Famous Smoke. I wish Danneman would make Maduro wrapped filtered cigarillos.
For a quick smoke I've been smoking the famous smoke shop exclusive "Maduritos".
Cheap and at least they are not lacking in flavor.
I believe they come out to around a buck a stick. 4x42 so not really cigarellos per se.
15-30 minute smoke.

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