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Hey all! I have been working with as their exclusive artist. We are working to bring the best of the cigar world to all with discussion, web shows with heavy hitters in the industry. A new component is our live weekly radio show with call in abilities to ask questions of the many who will be joining us. We have booked the next 3 months with the likes of CLE, Perdomo, Nomad, Padilla, General Cigars, Gurkha, Ashton and many more cigar Manufacturers coming on the radio the next few months. In addition, we will be doing special interviews with the Editors of some great articles from Cigar Advisor magazine. Please go to and subscribe to the show. You won't want to miss these shows. Call in to speak to guests at (646) 929-2436. Wednesday evening, January 29, 8 CST we will kick it off with Glen Case from Kristoff Cigars and Glynn Loope from CRA. We are also working on other components including an art page from yours truly offering original paintings as well as signed prints to satisfy every budget. I will also be doing a live web show from my studio each week (scary...Bob Ross I am NOT) So like on FB, Follow on Twitter, your_cigarnews on Instagram and Pheed and tell all your friends! Thanks. BTW, My twitter is CigarNews_Eric................Thanks!!!
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Awesome news for you! Best of luck with all of it!

That's great news!

Can't get to the site when you click on the link.

Happy to hear you're doing great with the new gig.
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That's awesome, congrats!
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(01-21-2014, 01:36 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: Can't get to the site when you click on the link.

Happy to hear you're doing great with the new gig.

I just fixed the link for him... try again. Big Grin

Tonight CigarNews Radio premiers with Glen Case from @Kristoff_Cigars @ 8pm CST LIGHT UP! TUNE IN! CALL IN!
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