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Cigar store in/near Grove City, Pennsylvania?
Can anyone suggest one? You can PM it to me if we cannot put the names of store in messages.

Making a trip there next week and thought I'd see if there was anything around there.

Grove City? We're heading to Linesville area tomorrow but I'm unaware of anything in that area yet. Give me time.

I like spots closer to Pittsburgh. There are several locations of a local chain with one in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall (closest one to me) and there is a store in Blawnox just about 5 minutes or so from the Waterworks Mall. Geesh, I sound like a girl. I like the one in Blawnox better. But, I also like ordering from TBS Smile
I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. -Mae West
The chain ones in pittsburgh, gotta be smoker friendly/cigar express? Only chain i can think of, prolly because i work for them. Slippery rock cigars, a smoker friendly in cranbery and one in wexfor too.
no, I'm thinking Puff-N-Stuff but I prefer Allegheny or TBS. What are the Smoker Friendly ones like? I wanted to stop when I picked up The Man in Crapberry last week, but we had no time.
I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. -Mae West
They are all pretty different, same supplier/owner but all cater to different tastes. Cranberry and wexfords are pretty well stocked. Wexfords is the one i work at, and its real clean, nice size humidor, a smoke room. Stop by sometime. Great selection of any padrons (pretty much have all 64 and 26 sizes in mad and nat., and same with the 80s, 45s, and 40s), ashtons, fuente anejos, and a whole bunch more. If your looking for anything in particular, let me know, i'll let ya know if we have it.

They arent a stright up cigar shop, they sell all things tobacco (chew, snuff, snus, cigarettes, pipes, hookah). Wexfords certainly focuses on cigars and pipes. There are also smoker friendlys downtown (across from the consol arena) robinson, gibsonia, and a few others i cant place right now.
I swear I saw a few further up 79 on our way to Erie. Maybe even in Erie. Next time I visit The Man at work, I'll have to stop in. We live about an hour away so I don't make it down there often.
I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. -Mae West
There is on in erie.. I was thinking of the pittsburgh ones. I think the other pittsburgh one is monroeville somewhere. If you stop by the one in wexford, if neill is working, thats me. Hopefully youll stop in for some smokes sometime
Nothing around here that is really up-scale that I would say is worth a special trip. Unless you get into a bigger city, most of what you have around these parts consist of a single room..a couch, TV and seating for about 5 people at most.

Slippery Rock Cigars (Good People! Small, but very friendly environment.)
278 Cameron Drive
Slippery Rock, PA,
Phone: (724) 234-2439

homegrown habits (not sure if they are still around or not. Never stopped by this place)
7421 Sharon-Mercer Road
mercer, PA,
Phone: (724) 342-2326

Penn Ohio Cigar (I stop here on occasion. 2 couches, small, but perfect for the area)
91 East State Street
Sharon, PA,
Phone: (724) 342-2366

125 West Station Square Drive
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 281-1133
What's in Erie? Driving through there tomorrow on way back.

Guessing Duty Free is a better place to purchase cigars though. Between 2 of us I can buy 100 cigars.

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