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I was flipping through a US News & World Report and found this ad: $5 introductory offer sampler includes:
     1- Romeo y Julieta Viejo
     1- 5 Vegas Classic
     1- Montecristo Media Noche

it looks like it is only $5 plus $1.95 s/h

you have to go to
Seems like a great deal

Got mine last week!


Funny thing...I could not get the 1.95 s/h in my cart....It kept trying to charge me $5.95 s/h......So, I just bought more sticks to make up the shipping

I love the media noche's...This was my second one. A very good smoke.
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a friend of mine googled "fuente Anejo" and came up... Average around $23 per stick [wow]

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