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Cigar and Spirit Pairings
[user=914]Riofan[/user] wrote:
Quote:I went and got a bottle of V.S.O.P., my first experiment with cognac, and would like to add a single malt to the rotation. How much should I spend in a decent bottle and not to break the bank?

In addition to seconding Skipper's recommendation for Dalmore Cigar Malt (a truly great value that lives up to its designation) I'd add that Balvenie Doublewood, for about $15-20 more, is another amazingly good single malt Scotch that goes great with cigars.

Most of my spirit-cigar combos have been cigars with a great tequila. An El Cobre with a glass of Don Julio tres generaciones, ummm good. There is one tequila that sadly I havent seen sold anywhere outside of Guadalajara and that is called TEQUILA REVOLUCION DOS PISTOLAS, it went well with most earthy stogies, the oak, smoke flav. goes great with cigars of the same profile.

My best paring though is Nestcafe coffee with a Sancho Panza DBL maduroBig Grin
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ahhh yes. Tequila. The true demon spirits.

Form some reading these things, you have to remember... all spirits are made in basically 2 grades. Mixing and sipping. The common tequila, common rum, common whiskEy is no more fit for sipping than rubbing alcohol. However the sipping variety is aged like a fine scotch in barrels for many years. Like the scotch it takes on character form the wood and mellows. Also, the distilleries going through such an expensive and timely process will only do this with the finest of their spirits. Most would agree, all of the properly barrel aged spirits will remind people on the first sip of a fine brandy or cognac.

Now, back to the Tequila. Having just finished a very tall glass of Cruzan single barrel rum outside with a VSG, I think I will have myself a sip of Tequila, take a hot shower and head for bed. Ohhh Debbi..... Wink
I have not drank in years because of the morphine patch I have to wear, UNTIL I hooked up with Dave and Brent. I had a fondness for amnagnac years ago and just picked up a few. What cigar do you think would go well with this 1986 for my first drink in years.

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