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Cigar Trends
Lol glow in the dark humidors? When was that
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(09-26-2011, 06:50 PM)nayslayer Wrote: Lol glow in the dark humidors? When was that

First thing that comes to mind is the CAO Vision disco box Big Grin

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I'm sorry but I think those are cool. Watch out Ebay!
What about women smoking cigars? Not Monica.

I just got an email with a pic of J Lo smoking, Sooo I googled and was amaze. She smokes a LOT. Note that Cohiba.
More women and cigars.

[Image: jenniferlopez9.jpg]

[Image: jenniferlopez5.jpg]

[Image: jenniferlopez7.jpg]

[Image: women-cigars-jennifer_lopez.jpg]

[Image: jennifer-lopez-and-cigar-smoking-gallery.jpg]

[Image: jlo.jpg]


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Excellent find T.
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6 X 60 are in demand. People like to smoke them so they make them. Pretty simple.
That first pic o J Lo looks like it is at Fenway. If I lit up in Fenway they would take me out in cuffs.
I know that most of us die hard smokers nub the good ones so it would be nice to know whether JLO and the other women smokers nub too. I have a neighbor that smokes anywhere from 3 - 8 cigars a day and she nubs also when they're on.
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(09-25-2011, 04:45 PM)tafdom Wrote: I read an article Saturday something like that but they are just pushing cigars disguised as an article. What's up with all these 6 x 60 ring cigars??

During the past year, I noticed that I was getting more and more press releases announcing new 6 x 60 ring gauge cigars. Do you remember how a few years ago Lanceros had come back into vogue? So, manufacturers began adding more 7 x 38 cigars to their repertoire. Now it seems as if just the opposite is happening with the demand for 6 x 60 cigars. The more 6 x 60's I saw coming into the market the more curious I became about this trend. So, I wrote to a number of well-respected cigar makers to get their take on this "Grand Toro" shape phenomenon, and asked, "What gives?"

I felt it appropriate to start with Nick Perdomo Jr., since Tabacalera Perdomo was among the first manufacturers to introduce extra-wide ring cigars when they released their Cuban Parejo line in 2001.

Putting my feeling of the absolutely ridiculous ring gauge trend that is going on just for a moment (does that statement make it obvious enough?)... JR Cigar was distributing a wide ring gauge cigar for at least 10 years before Perdomo. The Casa Blanca Half Jerobam is 5x66 - Isay 10 years becasuse that is what Robert DeNiro smoked in the 1991 remake of Cape Fear.

Seeing a trend towards quality small batch boutique cigars Smile

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