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Cigar Taboo
Just curious, but why do Macanudo and Gurka's get a bad rap?

Any other brands you can add to this list?
Acid get bad wrap too.
For most people these shunned sticks were their first. I can't really say for sure, but their marketing has to help the cigar community as a whole.
No Justice, No Peace!
Cause real men don't smoke Macs. LOL! As for Ghurka's. I like Ghurka's better than girls.
Here's how I see it... Cigars are a lot like Wine (An example I like as I live in California's Wine Country)...

Some Wines are heavily marketed and sold everywhere...

Some Wines are enjoyed by many people... Sometimes only a few people...

Are there any wines that are Bad? Well, that's up to each person tasting it. Still, in any wine there is, almost always, something good. You can find some aspect within that wine that you like. You may like only one of the many complex flavors within the wine, you may like many or all...

Ultimately if you taste a wine and decide you dont like it (maybe it has only a couple elements in the flavor profile you enjoy, or its not complex enough, etc..). Well, that doesn't mean that someone else wont like it.

Now, I think the exact same applies to cigars. I may not like every cigar I try... But, I will seriously try any cigar while maintaining an open mind... No matter what I've heard people say about it. It one of those things, everyone's taste buds are different, so your going to need to try it yourself.

I've tried many Gurkha's, and I've liked only 2 of them. I've tried a single Mac, and I like the one I've tried I really like. I would also say that in general both brands have cigars that newer smokers seem to generally enjoy. I believe thats because the strength of both brand's cigars seem to be more in the Medium-Mild range with somewhat simple flavor profiles (at least in my opinion).

Anyway, I say try every cigar you can and makeup your own mind about them. Maybe you'll like what you try, maybe you wont... But never let someones opinion or comments change what you smoke or your willing to try out.
Every Mac i've smoked was like smoking air. Smile
(12-19-2009, 12:38 AM)Djaric Wrote: Every Mac i've smoked was like smoking air. Smile
The Gold's are nice in the morning... With some coffee and before breakfast. I would certainly not bother smoking one after any other cigar Tongue
(12-19-2009, 12:46 AM)Teck1337 Wrote:
(12-19-2009, 12:38 AM)Djaric Wrote: Every Mac i've smoked was like smoking air. Smile
The Gold's are nice in the morning... With some coffee and before breakfast. I would certainly not bother smoking one after any other cigar Tongue

I actually like the Mac 1968.
IMHO... Macanudos are not bad cigars at all - they are good quality cigars and their construction is nothing short of excellent. They are however extremely light-bodied and light flavored. A lot of smokers move past them and then later have a hard time going back to them as their palates have moved to cigars with more flavor and strength.

I don't smoke them now not because they are bad, but because I don't get much out of them flavor-wise. I smoked the hell out of them at the end of college when I first started massing around with cigars though! I remember buying a box of the Prince Phillips (Double Corona size), and keeping them in a gallon ziploc with a small torn off piece of moistened sponge in the bag to keep them humidified... that's how MaytagMan rolled in the early 90's...

I would much rather see people smoking Macs than White Owls, etc...
Acid's get a bad wrap because they are flavored. I think that they are a great starter cigar for people, but my palate has moved on since my starting days. From what i've seen, Gurkha's are very polarizing. You either love them or you hate them. IMHO I think that they are over priced and over hyped. I've always had construction problems with them, and the ones that burned good didn't have a good flavor. (this is all just my opinion though) I've never had any macanudo cigars so I can't put in my 2 cents on those.
I love Gurkha. Can't actually remember the last Mac I smoked, so I don't know if I liked it but I doubt I hated it Smile

I think if we're being honest, acid's sometimes get a bad rap because it's not really a "manly" cigar. At my B&M, the blondie or some other acid is always the cigar you start a chick on.

I don't think that any premium brand deserves to get a bad rap. I agree it's all about taste. If, however, you come up to me with a black & mild or a philly blunt and tell me it's your favorite cigar, I may judge you somewhat (but silently lol).

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