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Churchill Brandy and ??
Hey guys.. i'm wondering what is a good/snack to pair with a well aged brandy ??

I have been drinking the brandy with the mild/medium bodied churchill and i really like the combination but i'm wonering if there is anything that i could quite possibly pair with it to make it absolute bliss.. I'm looking for a light little snack type of thing.. Any suggestions are appriechiated thanks..
Love to pair these with my smokes.

[Image: hormel_pigs_feet.jpg]

But, seriously I like smoked sausage, cheese and crackers, chocolate and peanuts.
Hmm i was thinking about something smoked... Possibly some smoked salmon... or maybe smoked salmon and a nice sharp cheese... By gosh i think i have it...


Thanks for the suggestions... LOL Pigs Feet. You had me thinking for a second... lol

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