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Christmas Retail Blues
My standard response is "I don't give that information out."  It rarely goes beyond that, but if it does, I just say "It's my policy not to give that out.  Now just ring me up, please."  I suppose if they went further than that, which it hasn't, I might give them 907-266-5145, which is the weather in Alaska.  i.e. it will be a very cold day before I give my home number out.  (ok, I admit I just looked that one up)

I don't have any problem giving a zip code, although sometimes I've been known to give an old zip code.  If I'm asked for an address, I just say "Don't worry, I'm already on your mailing list."

Yeah, my money is all they need from me.  If they're not happy with it, I don't have anything else to give them.
tank i dont blame you i would have done the same thing good job boss[thumbsup]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
I never give my phone # . I use an old one I had 20 years  ago.Big Grin
My brother is in the Air Force and has not lived in town for almost 2 years.   He has a house here that we rent out.   Of course the rent payments are checks and I deposit those into his account for him.

Just recently the bank up and decided that I cannot deposit money into my brothers account.   Now I've been doing that for about 2 years without any issue.

They continue to give me a hard time with a line of customers waiting to cash checks and such.   It would be completely understandable if I was taking money out... but I'm merely depositing a check into his account.   Needless to say, everyone waiting in line heard the conversation and totally agreed with me.   They tried to say it could jepordize his account because I would get his account number back on the deposit slip.   I told them they could wipe their ass with the deposit slip, I don't care, just deposit the money and keep the slip if they need to.

(security....)    [police]
(where did they come from?)

The guard at the bank was ex-military and nicely suggested that I talk to the bank manager.   He too agreed with me, but saw that a scene was about to happen because everyone was getting upset.

The bank manager finally corrected the problem and took the check.   I actually had to call my brother on base and let her hear his "authorization" to do so.

Meanwhile you have every darn retailer asking your phone number, zip, 1st borns name, and what kind of toilet paper you use.  

If its not one extreme, its the other.   [curse]

Yeah that stinks Eric.  
I thought this would be a thread about "retail sales down this year" or something haha. 

I've only had the Zipcode question so far.   *crosses fingers*
That sucks that they want to know everything.  :X

i just give them jan's phone number and / or address.  i may even try to give them jan's credit card next time.  Tongue
i give my phone number all the time. It's just an ID that is unique and safe. Not like a SS # or anything. My cleaners uses it as does most of the specialty retailers I use (like my local marine supply store). It's my customer number. I've NEVER gotten a phone call form these folks. In fact, I dont get phone calls except form charities which I am putting a stop to now.
Oh man, I hear ya!

Here's two of my most recent problems I've had this season...

1.) Ever get harassed by those kiosk vendors in the mall trying to sell you hand cream for your wife????

I can't stand them! They approach and say: "Sir may I ask you a question?"....My response always is: "You just did."...Really pisses them


2.) I just got married this past August. My wife wanted to give out Christmas cards with a pic from our wedding on them. Cool, no problem! Given the fact that we did not pick out our pictures yet for our album, we do not have any pictures on hand that we can use.

We began asking some of our friends if they had any nice pics from the wedding...My best man snapped a great shot over the shoulder of our photographer, so we decide to use that one.

My wife went to, uploaded the picture, and ordered a bunch of Christmas cards. I went the next day, stood in line for no less than 25 minutes, and then hell broke out.....

The walmart photo-lady, asked me for a copyright release for the picture we used...I said:"Huh?"(If we used a professional pic, then by law, we would need a release.) She said: " I cannot give you these cards until you gie me a release." I said: "But this was taken by a friend."...She proceeded to tell me that I am trying to steal pictures to use them and it is against the law. After about 2 mins of her BS, I said firmly: "Listen! Not everyone has a point and shoot camera. Some people have really nice cameras, and have the ability to take professional photos, without being a professional. The person who took the picture was my best man, was not paid, and was obviously a guest at my wedding."

Then she asked for an email from him, to let her know that it was okay to use it!!!! I could not take it anymore. I lost it.

After a few other comments that I knid of regret saying, I told her that they should put up a note on the website telling people that they will be harassed when they get to the store, if they use a nice looking photo.

After nearly 15 mins, she let me pay for them.


~ 2010- The year I was "showered" with gifts from my SC Brothers.

Gratitude is when memories are stored in the heart, and not in the mind. Our hearts will not forget.
My feeling has always been that it's in my best interests to buy online whenever possible.  At least for my bloodpressure and anger management issues.  Saves me the aggravation of dealing with every douchebag with the iq of bufferin who feels the need to spout their verbal diarrhea all over my shoes.

Lord knows my wife has gotten redfaced and suddenly forgot she was married to me and wandered away during a number of my retail store encounters. 

Best one though was best buy.  The pimple punk at the door posing as security always pisses me off.  I mean if he's securing something first and foremost you're effed.  Secondly he's six feet from the register.  He watches you pay and then feels the need to flex and hold you up asking for the receipt.  One time he asked for the receipt.  I said, "alright you've got me.  I paid for the dvd but i stole the bag."  The little nsync numbskull looked so perplexed.  

I've had more encounters with these asses but i'll spare you the details.

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