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Casa Magna Domus Magnus
I love trying new cigars, especially when it is a new blend of a brand I already like. I jumped on the bandwaggon like everyone else when Casa Magna was CA's #1 pick a few years back and they have been a staple ever since.

I was at the Columbus Circle Davidoff Store late last week and saw a new blend that I hadn't seem from Casa Magna before, the Domus Magnus. The individual helping me said it was a toned down version of the standard Colorado, but very nice.

I think he downplayed how good this cigar was, it is perfect for any occasion and for anyone. It is the Cain Daytona of Casa Magna. The beginning had a bit of pepper, perfect for everybody. The full length of the cigar was consistent and very pleasant. The cigar burned super smooth with a great pull and large amounts of smoke.

The guys in Davidoff thought I was nuts for sticking a match in the side of my cigar so I could handle the stub that was left. I enjoyed every minute of it. If anyone gets a chance to try this jem, I highly recommend it.
Nice I definitely will!!! Loved the Colorado.
Thanks David.
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Thanks for the heads up. I think discdog was saying these were pretty good. I think they are a limited release though.
Thanks for sharing! Might keep a look out for these...
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