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Casa Fuente Lancero
I'll throw another one out there...has anyone seen these at the Casa Fuente shop?

Casa Fuenete Lancero's
PM or text Lurch, he's there now.
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(01-09-2011, 05:56 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: PM or text Lurch, he's there now.

Thanks Mum
Looks good! I have not had any of the Casa Fuente stuff which is surprising as I am a Fuente whore!

I've never had the lancero size, but years ago somebody on here went to Vegas and we did a box split or something...I ended up with a handful of petite coronas or robustos. Can you tell my brain is having trouble remembering the details?

In any case, I recall the cigars themselves to be a letdown, compared to the Anejo, or an aged Opus, but the price point is higher. I'd try them again, don't get me wrong...but in this case I would recommend you not get your hopes way up. You can get Opus Lost City lanceros for around the same price, I bet.

I never had the lancero size but have had all the others and loved them all. The belicoso is my favorite in the line.
I am headed there soon. You can bet I will check it out.
(01-10-2011, 07:50 PM)US_Tank Wrote: I am headed there soon. You can bet I will check it out.

i would expect nothing less.
Mum just may be with me!
lucky fellas. vegas better watch out baby!

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