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Camcho "core" brands?
I was searching camacho's website and saw that they had ultra premium brands, premiums brands, and core brands. The premium and ultra premium both are called camacho. However, their core brands are La Fontana, National Brand, and Legendario. Has anyone tried these? I like camacho cigars but am curious about their "core" brands.
I've seen the La Fontana's in my local B&M.  If my memory serves me correct I got one of them in a sampler a while ago.  Don't think I cared for it that much.  Maybe someone else can be of greater help.

Ive had both the National and legendario brands.....dont care much for the Nationals but the legendario's I have had had been great. Age does them well.
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Gosh I did not even know this.  Thanks David!
The La Fontanas, from the regular line, are sweetened at the cap with a sweetened glue, so everytime you lick your lips, you get a sweet, sugary taste.  They are very mild, and have lot's of dense, white smoke.  A decent desert type smoke, very good for someone just getting into smokes.  I started out with a few of these, and learned alot from smoking them.  Compared to the El Cobres, it's like a Pittbull against a poodle, the poodle aint got a chance in hell.

I believe they have a Reserva Line for the La Fontanas that don't have the sweetened glue cap.

I believe Jimmie just got some of the Legendarios, so he'd be a good one to ask on them, I believe he had a post about them. 

The National Brand used to be a smoke my friend kept in stock in his humi, as a bundle type smoke, cheap, decent, good for the yard work.  But since that time, he has discovered the Flor De Oliva, and hasn't touched the Nationals.
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Had one of the new blends Legend Arios last night...
Not the same as the old blend, but still a very good stick...
Thanks to Mario for turning me on to these a while back... [thumbsup]
[user=932]US_Tank[/user] wrote:
Quote:Gosh I did not even know this.  Thanks David!

Yea man!

for all that are interested...enjoy!
davidwys Wrote:[user=932]US_Tank[/user] wrote:
Quote:Gosh I did not even know this.  Thanks David!

Yea man!

for all that are interested...enjoy!
Thanks for the link I never knew about this!

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