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Camacho Triple Maduro Torpedo (Redux)

[Image: triple3.jpg]
(Has it Ben Mentioned That The Band Is Real Pretty??)
[Image: triple1.jpg]

Vitola: Torpedo
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Maduro
Filler: Maduro
Size: 6" X 52

I posted my initial opinions on this cigar once before. . .


In Lieu of my current opinions of this cigar the ultimate review of this line may have been wriiten by my pal, Rob the Long Island Cowboy!

[Image: triple2.jpg]

Okay, I am not going to spend a great deal of time on this cigar, because frankly, it does not deserve it. In my opinion this cigar pretty much failed on all fronts. The burn was dicey my cigar actually went out halfway through (though that could have been because I lost interest in it). the draw was okay and produced a lot of smoke, but the thing is, the smoke didn't taste like much of anything, at all. It felt like I was smoking a nicotine cloud. In the last third of the cigar a little flavor came through, but it was in turns bitter and then sour. This cigar has a nice long finish on the tongue that lingers forever, but the problem is, that that is bitter and sour as well. This is probably the worst cigar I have tasted that I can guarantee was stored and smoked properly. I would take a Te Amo any day over this. Or even a Phillie Blunt.

This cigar definitely had a strong nicotine presence, and I did get a little buzz from it after a while. the thing is, if I wanted to smoke crap tobacco to get a nicotine buzz I would give up, sell my humidor, and go with these:

[Image: marlboro.jpg]


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool

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