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Camacho Scorpions
So at the Lone Star Cigar Bash, the Camacho rep told us that they will no longer be making the Scorpions. Odsman was really disappointed, however because I am the best girlfriend ever I found him a box. According to serious cigars, they think they have already stopped. They have only one box left, so I thought I would let others know.
Were they any good? I have not heard of them but going to the website it shows a countdown and shows a picture of a scorpion.
I really like than and if Odsman had to pick one cigar it would be this one.
Haven't smoked one in a while but I do have a few left.
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Same here Jimmie
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I saw that Camacho is releasing a new Scorpion. Wonder if it will be anything like the old ones. I remember them being great cigars. Anyone try the new release yet?
We will have to try them. In my opinion Camacho died when ... was it Davidoff(?) took over. Serious lack of strength and flavor.
I had only 1 or 2 original Scorpions.  I liked them too.

I'll try to keep an eye out for the new ones.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
There was also a cigar called the Diploma that they used to make. Not sure if they were the same line or blend. I remember liking those as well.

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