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Hi All, I am going to try and roll my own cigars. I found a couple of sites that sell the tobacco leaves and watched a couple of videos. Does anyone know or have a leaf recipe for rolling their own cigars? I found some Brazilian leaves for filler leaves. Binder leaves and wrapper leaves which I saw a couple of Cubano leaves. Of course there are Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves. I am kind of looking for a smooth, even burning, medium to strong blend of leaves that is quite flavorful. I know I'm not asking for much right! Any help would be appreciated before I purchase the tobacco leaves. Also for the rolling accessories any recommendations for the cutter (possible pizza style knife cutter) or anything else that might help. I am just thinking it would be nice to roll your own and be able to age them and pass them out to your buddies to try. Also it might make a good hobby! Marty

Could you reach out to someone like Sam Leccia on Facebook or perhaps a local roller?
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