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(10-29-2020, 12:10 AM)MaytagMan Wrote: So there are two types of rollers that come to mind --

First are just what I call "Wrapper Jockeys".   These guy have cigars supplies to them just missing the wrapper, and all they do is apply them for the show.   I've seen a lot of cigar manufacturers do this - the factory will ship a bunch of cigars and wrapper leaves out to them and that is what they do for show.   I'm not a fan of this - I think it is disingenuous.   I'd rather just have them had me a cigar.  

I sounds like you have looked into it and want to do the entire process from tobacco selection to blending, bunching, rolling, etc.   That is the way to do it.  Each step is a skill by itself, so learning to do everything correctly will take dedication and time.  But hey, if you'll be retired, sounds like a plan!

I really think that the best way to learn is to have someone teach you in person.  There are some things that I can't see being taught any other way - how moist and pliable does the wrapper need to be versus it being too moist, how to bunch correctly with different tecnniques, etc.

Find a reputable roller and see if you can watch them and tag along until he/she is ready to teach you.

It takes years to master, do don't give up!

I definitely want to learn the whole process. From watching a few videos, I think that I might be able to learn from trial and error. I am figuring that is how a lot of people learn. I figure that I can always tear them back down and try again. Trial and error to me is a good way. If that fails, maybe I can make a video of how I'm rolling them and send it to a shop that rolls their own and maybe they could point out my faults. But until then, that is until I get everything together and actually give it a try.

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