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CI website giving away cigars for FREE!
I wouldn't even take a free cigar from CI.

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mycigarlink Wrote:I wouldn't even take a free cigar from CI.
currently at $29.95 that's infinity times free.
Skipper: currently at $29.95 that's infinity times free.

[user=1400]Smokin Joe[/user] wrote:
Quote:Looks like they finally ended their "promotion" at about 2:30am.



I need to call them.  For those that ordered anything, the orders are under your account along with an actual price.  I'm guessing they have all orders on hold until people call and either confirm the price or cancel the order.

Gave them a call.  As I figured it was a clitch in the sytem.  All the orders last night have been put on hold until the people can be contacted. 
I figured as much.

I'm not a jerk, so I didn't try and push the matter that I have an invoice for $0.00.
I canceled one order but I have some Perdomos coming my way.
Need to hide them from my wife...  Wink
gutless pukes.  you offered the "price", "published it, now honor it.  someone should take them to the cleaners for this one.
there's only one thing ci gives away and that's grief.  in freaking truckloads.
mycigarlink Wrote:I wouldn't even take a free cigar from CI.

I don't think it cool to bash other vendors on here say. I guess I'm just lucky because I've never had a prob with CI. As for the other critics I think the "I've heard, I was told" stuff in beyond my limits of thought. I have spent $1000 with them and have never had 1 prob or bad cigar. I only use the c-bid though and use it a bunch. From the other statements of re rolled is in my mind is ridicules. Why would a largest company in the world do that to tarnish there rep? Do you really think these are rebands and seconds?

[Image: LFDLimitadaIII.jpg?t=1229023382]


[Image: gof.jpg?t=1229023527]


[Image: gofpir.jpg]


[Image: dbltubo.jpg]

[Image: d2d814612ee376f9cd5a23b4bc99e497.jpg]


We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

not bashing.  just a huge freaking blinking neon CAVEAT EMPTOR to the brothers unawares of ci's pratfalls.

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