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CI website giving away cigars for FREE!
This may be an error on their part but their deal of the day is giving away free cigars with free shipping. It's currently almost 1am here in Ohio.


The brand of cigar changes every so often so you just have to check.


I saw this too, there customer service is going to be swamped tomorrow [lol]

I got 50 free cigars. We'll see what happens in the morning I guess! [wow]
I was leery about posting this here because I didn't want to screw anyone out of cigars, or get screwed on cigars.  (One of those phrases seems kind of fun.. [really])
And wasn't real sure what was going on.  Anyway, I ordered some.  Now we wait.

Someone's head is going to roll in the morning.  LOL
They will probably cancel most of the orders and/or ask to charge the actual price.
I doubt they will just up and charge the price they intended to ask because everyone who ordered has an invoice for $0.00 and thats something you can fight.

#5 is an easier link.   Smile
I'm thinking they will cancel all of the orders and offer everyone that ordered some sticks a gift certificate for some amount. It will save them tons of money even if they give us all $25-$50 dollar gift certs.

ahaha  heads will roll.

Well we must be generating some traffic because I can't get the checkout to load.
Ordered some.  This should be fun.
Looks like they finally ended their "promotion" at about 2:30am.



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