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CI sampler if someone's looking to get a mix to taste
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:yeah, I saw the 10 at 8:50... I wonder if they honored the $10 for anyone who clicked it before it changed. I bet not. CI is a bunch of hos.

I have no affiliation -- but CI has honored every price I've clicked on.

I agree that their "run of the mill" prices are high -- but I've ordered a lot of specials from them over the past few months, and they've all been sweet.

their auction site is a rip-off. They do not honor winning bids if you win too low. And will spike up your bids to the max level (a problem when the seller owns the site-he gets to see just how high you are willing to go)

I one time won a colibri lighter for $16 then after 3 days told me it was out of stock. I told them I woudl wait. They said it wa snot possible because they didn't know when it would be coming in & cancelled everything. 10 days later they relisted it.

And lastly, I've had them change the auction AFTER I WON! When confronted they didn't deny it and said only "we have the right to change the auction and details"... AFTER I WON! Changed a box of cigars to 1 cigar!!!!! (I returned the piece of crap they shipped to me for $18... and it cost me $4 shipping and ended up with nothing!)


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