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CAO L'Anniversary Cameroon Robusto
Great review Headley and good catch Prune....

I really like Cameroon wrappers, but I have too noticed that, when they don't have enough age, the cigar can become grassy and bitter. There's nothing worse, cause a Cameroon can be a great smoke.

I've tried the CAO Cameroon and was not impressed. The Cohiba Red Dot was also a dog. But, the new Camacho Select I think will be great. I got a pre-release sample and it was just awesome. They should be out in June.

Doc Stogie Fresh
I had one of those Cohiba Red Dots a couple weeks ago.  I've had this tucked in the back of my humidor for close to a year or so.   Seems most folks around here aren't too fond of them.....i thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Very nice cigar....was it worth $10?   Not so sure I'd say it's the best $10 cigar out there, but it was very nice. 
Headley Wrote:5" x 50

African Cameroon wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler and binder.

The L'Anniversaire Cameroon has been named one of Cigar Aficionado's Top 50 Cigars. Along with a '92' rating, the magazine noted, "Nicely pressed, with rich color. The cigar has a lovely draw and burn. It's nutty and toasty, with coffee, cocoa and dry wood flavors. The finish is long."

Really a nice looking cigar with a terrific wrapper and roll to it.  Pre-light nose was mainly sweet tobacco and the draw offered up much of the same.  Snip with the Xicar and away we go with tons of smoke and that sweet cameroon flavor to the tobacco.  Initially a burst of the same charred cocoa flavor that I get from the Cx2 but a little more muted.  A little nuttiness comes in over the top for a while but backs off about 1/2 way through.  It's a little windy but the cigar burns straight and true the entire time.  The ash held on for at least 2" before I decided not to take a chance and remove it on my own.  It took a little coaxing but finally gave way.  About 1/3 left in the cigar and I found it turned a bit harsh at times which really surprised me since this one had about a 1 1/2 years on it.  I thought it would come back to that sweet tobacco flavor but it never really did.  A little disappointing.  It wasn't really the smoke that was harsh but rather a bitter aftertaste on the palate between draws.  Gave up with about 2" left.

I really expected more from this cigar as I like the Cx2 a lot and expected a more refined mellow smoke but it just wasn't there.  I was considering a box of these before but I think the review I did on the Maduro Beli is a better shot.

Not a bad smoke but there are better out there for the money.

uh huh, i must agree.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool

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