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Boston health board may stamp out cigar bars
Found this info elsewhere, this is that last chance to send them an e-mail, the vote takes place today (the 11th)

"This is off a CRA email i recieved this morning

Even if you have previously written a letter to Boston Mayor Menino, we urge you to write a second letter which states that you are a cigar enthusiast and oppose the PROPOSED SMOKING BAN for parks, outdoor patios of restaurants, and cigar lounges.
You can write to Boston Mayor Menino at:
Please copy so that we can share your letter with your fellow cigar enthusiasts.

Or, if you prefer to call the Mayor directly, he can be reached at (617) 635-4500."

Here is what I am sending:

I am a cigar smoker and would like to ask you to please vote no to the proposed smoking ban and know in your heart that no free American citizen lost their right to enjoy a totally legal product in open areas where there is no health risk to others and in areas where only adult smokers gather indoors being fully aware of any assumed health hazards that may be associated with second hand smoke. Thank You!

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