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Birthday Smoke Update
Alright, I took the poll's opinion, and bought me a Padron 80th perfecto today and smoked it while watching some football and having some Ron Zacapa at my local B & M and MY GOD what a smoke.  Thank you all for your comments and well wish's, I should have taken some pictures, but I was having such a great time smoking this gem that I forgot.  I will be saving my pennies to purchase a bocx of these as soon as I can.  Great Suggestion.
Cheers to you all.  And happy birthday to me.[guiness]
aka: The Bouncer
"I Herfed with The Mum" !! And have the shirt to prove it !!!!
I got my "Big Cock t-shirt from Tankie !!!
Happy Birthday,, and glad you enjoyed the 80th
Happy B-Day...
Great cigar for the event... Smile
Happy B-Day. A good time with a good smoke is truly a treat.
Happy birthday! Great way to enjoy it, must say.

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