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Big thank you to Ryan

I wanted to give Ryan a huge thanks for the cigars. He asked me a while back if I wanted a Tatuaje Mars attack cigar since I didn't have any luck getting any. Well he sent one along with some bodyguards. I got this bomb a couple weeks ago but haven't had a lot of time to post it. My grandfather passed away last Tuesday but had been in the hospital a couple of weeks prior to that. I've just been really busy the last few weeks with everything and lost track of time. Anyway, thanks again for your generosity Ryan and now I have your addy. Smile
Good Karma Ryan and Rick sorry to hear the news about your grandfather.
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Sorry for your loss Rick.

Nicely done Ryan!!!
This is my boomstick!
Rick very sorry to hear about that buddy!!

and Ryan is the silent killer....nicely done
Sorry for your loss...

A nice hit by Ryan as always!
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Hope you are doing OK. Enjoy the sticks. The Mars Attacks is really a great cigar, hopefully it warms up soon so you can enjoy it.
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Very nice!

Sorry about your loss Rick!

Nice hit though Ryan! Those Mars attack are great!

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