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Bead Question
i foud this

i knew i had read somewhere about drying them with a hairdryer or the oven. dave says to just keep the temp low. never tried it myself, but good luck.
Bill, lately here in Ga, we've had the same problem.  Ambient humidity in my house is 78%, so my fridge-dor is pushing 75%.  I added a LB of beads, and the beads soak up the ambient moisture in the humi.  To get the moisture back out of the beads, I use two methods, first method is to put the bag of beads infront of a fan and let the air pull the moisture out.  If that didnt work, I did place the beads in my oven, in a clay oven safe jar, at the lowest setting it could maintain, and then I checked them every 15 minutes.  It took about an hour, but it did work.  just be carefull, I discovered that constant heat will crack the beads, it's better to let them heat up for 15 minutes, then open the door and let some heat out, and go another 15.  Hope this helps, truthfully, there has to be a better way, so if you find it, let me know.  Good luck..[thumbsup]
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thanks for the feedback, guys. [thumbsup]

figure i'll try two things: low temp oven (and careful vigilance, making sure not to get above boiling temp), and i'm also thinking of putting them in front of my dehumidifier. eventually i'll report back on which method seems to work best.
Hair Dryer or Fan Price.  Let the air blow the moisture away.  Works for me in the summer here.
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Ive read that putting them in the microwave will heat them up and the release moisture.

I have some bead like things (some sort of cat litter) Doubled gave me and if they ever get saturated I just toss them in the microwave for maybe 2 minutes. They come out steaming and i toss them around to release as much steam as possible. Once they cool I do it again until they are as moist as I want them, and toss them back in the humi once at room temp again.

Since the stuff I am using is significantly cheaper than actual museum beads I dont wanna say it would work for both. But check it out and see if it would be okay. I have never seem anything saying it would hurt the beads, but I dont know.
Headley Wrote:Hair Dryer or Fan Price.  Let the air blow the moisture away.  Works for me in the summer here.

Yup.  What he said.  Hairdryer works great.
will try the dehumidifier (acts like a mellow hairdryer), then the actual hairdryer.

thanks again, boyos. Smile

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