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Ashtray Suggestions?
     So, I'm looking to purchase a decent 3-4 stick ashtray.  My local B&M carries those nice Don Lino Africa ashtrays, and while I find them to be very nice, they're a bit large for my liking.  

     I'll likely be making this purchase online, which is cost-effective, but doesn't really allow me to see the ashtray beforehand.  I have the following in mind, and was curious for any input on them.

[Image: atlanticcigar_2007_1334455]

     PADRON - I've never done business with Atlantic Cigars, but I know Skipper is a regular there, so I trust doing business with them.  They also carry Palio cutters, which I might end up tossing in with the order if I go this route.  My only concern with this ashtray is that the rests look a bit small. ($20)

[Image: Rocky_Olde_World_Reserve.jpg]

    ROCKY PATEL - I really like the look of this particular ashtray, but I have two concerns.  The bowl looks a bit small, judging by the photo.  Secondly, I found the best price ($35) at, and to be honest I don't know what to make of the vendor.

[Image: H_upman_ashtray.jpg]

     H. UPMANN - Again, from  It includes the 5 sticks in the photo for $28.  I've seen this ashtray for $25 at C.I., but I refuse to do business with them.  Looks nice, but the bowl looks very shallow in the photo, and the rests a bit short.

[Image: AT-DON-1584-400.jpg]

     DON SALVATORE - At $18, this is the most modestly priced ashtray of the bunch.  The rests are generous, but the bowl size is a bit of a concern.  I've never done business with Famous Smoke Shop, either.  

    Anyone who has seen any of these ashtrays in person, I'd greatly appreciate any input you may be able to offer.  Furthermore, if you happen to know of another option in this price range, I'm open for suggestions.  Thanks in advance!


I have both the Padron and Africa ashtrays and both are awesome.  The Padron is about an inch smaller all around. 

Dude, go with the Africa ashtray.  It's a little big, but not huge and is looks amazing, I get compliments on it all of the time.  All of the others are cool, but kinda plain.
Viva Lancero!

Ditto on the Africa. It's not THAT big and it looks great.

I'll agree with the Africa ashtray.
I've seen them and they look great.

Personally, since I only smoke outside when I'm home, I use a ceramic pot half full of sand. :?
i like my stinky ashtray. 
I love the Africa ashtray...
Been wanting to get that since I first saw it... Wink
i have the padron and i love it !!!
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
JoeBob Wrote:Personally, since I only smoke outside when I'm home, I use a ceramic pot half full of sand. :?
    My smoking is done outside, as well.  I am currently using a plastic flower pot atop a 2' landscape timber, half-full with sand, with a 1' square of 3/4" plywood as a base.  My issue with it is the fact that I can't lay my cigar down anywhere, as it has no rests.  Furthermore, it's top heavy, and it's only a matter of time before it gets knocked over. 

     You do raise a good point, JoeBob... since it'll be outside (I'll bring it inside when it's not in use) perhaps the least expensive option is best?

man, i'd say to look around. usually you can find pretty decent ones as a throw in with a purchase. i use an oliva one outside that i got for buying a 5'er from famous. i've also seen partagas and the africa one given away pretty frequently with a purchase, as well as some montecristo ones. check your online vendors.
jmlampert23 Wrote:i like my stinky ashtray. 

ditto on that one...

The stainless steel construction and large bowl can't be beat!


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