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Arganese Double Wrap
Churchill 7x 50

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade/Maduro
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican

This is a wonderfull double wrapped cigar with a rich oily leather look. The wrapper parts a nice extremely mild scent of oily leather with a touch of apple. The prelight draw is nearly perfect though a bit on the tight side, with hints of unsweetened cocao. This is a prefect example of a double wrapped barber pole, looking almost seamless.

This cigar burns nice and smooth. The burn line is not entirely even but it keeps up with itself. I thought I might have to touch up but the cigar evened itself out. The smoke is a rich velvety mild to medium strength white smoke. The Ash a nice firm light gray ash. If you let it go the ash would easily reach several inces. The smoke caries tastes of cedar, pumpkin seeds, green tea and just a touch of spice.

The flavors are consistant throughout the cigar, delivering on cue with no burn issues nor construction issues, the last third of the cigar brings about the additional dimension of caremalized sugar. All the while maintaining that mild-medium rich smoke. Though I used a punch on this cigar, it would vastly benefit from a cut.

I would recommend this as a good entry level cigar to the medium bodied smokes, as it is not a spicy smoke and allows you to pick out the nuances of the flavors as it burns. I had none of the wrapper issues I have heard others have.

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