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Anyone have a mobile stogie business??? How about a HOTROD HUMIDOR on wheels?
I was wondering today if anyone had a mobile stogie business like for car shows, stogie smoke out or what ever????

I am into the car hobby and see a guy or two at Hot August nights each year/ However, no pop, no sales gimmic and no hot rod.

So, some of you know that I do my own body and paint, and am going to start doing some hot rod humidors, like these or this one, I have recently painted it today and it awates white letters via hand art.


So now I am thinking a hotrod or ratrod stogie mobile???????? A car or old school designed around smoking cigars. The key is to not make a ton of money, but to make your hobby pay for its self. If I make a busniess, then all the cars and parts are a WRITE OFF---NO!!!!


How cool would this be, made into a STOGIE MOBILE.

Befor and dreamer shot.

I am also curious if anyone does the mobile business.


I could start making and selling hotrod humidors and build myself a custom vehicle for advertisment.



here is th elink to my humidor that is almost done.


and a pic of a vehicle I am looking at that could make a killer stogie driver with abit of storage, a 5.7 HEMI and a write off hotrod.




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turn it into??????


one of these. could haul some cigards. or maybe a bigger rig???



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or-maybe this. lots of mobile stogies, make a name for ones self with it

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lots to do with a paint theme and when the stogie guys see it, sell some cigars. I am looking for a part time job, think something like this would fly????? I may even be able to sell a few HOTROD humidors.

This is my new 1940s era coke machine now humidor. bottom




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top, all painted today. needs the raised letters done and the system, all cedar lined, top and bottom.




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Sounds like an awesome idea.  I had a '64 corvair I showed once and I think it'd be great to have a classic truck like that at those shows that you could sell cigars out of.
Wow, the coke fridge looks great man.

The only thing I know of for a mobile cigar business is the Macanudo Party bus.

I thought it would be really cool to do something like that, but a bus like that is a shitload of money.
I like smoking lightning
RUMBLON Wrote:or
[Image: attachment.php?id=6503]
This one has my vote
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