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Am I the only one......
Am I the only one that drinks Lemon Lime Gatorade while smoking ?!?!?! Huh I was just wondering how wierd this is....I feel it helps keep my palette clean.....

Let the bashing begin !!!! Big Grin
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hey if it works for you go for it.

personally I like either Beer or Port but if I am going non alcoholic I like root beer.

Hey whatever you enjoy, then go for it. If I had a rough night and want a morning smoke then gatorade is on my menu.
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I drink coke, sprite or coffee, depending on time and availability. Smile
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I really like drinking Gatorade, but I don't recall ever pairing it with a cigar. For me, any beverage with lemon or lime doesn't work well with a cigar.
I remember reading somewhere that Pete Johnson loves pairing Orange Crush with cigars. I've never tried it or Gatorade with cigars.

coffeee/beer/pepsi max
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i'm a huge supporter of ice water, root beer, or ice cold beer. nothing better to wash a great cigar down with then an ice cold brew. and since i basically have no job, it's never too early for a beer!
Coffee, beer, rum, or a nice single malt are my preferences Smile
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Coffee, Port, and Scotch... not all at the same time, of course.

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