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All I want for christmas. . .
We all know the holiday spirit is about Giving, Peace on earth, good will toward men, and feasts celbrating various religious beliefs, but:

I want to know what, if you could have it, would you really want for christmas!  Show me your ideal wish list!  There are only a couple of rules:

1) list consists of three items.

2) it can only be three items (like you cannot wish for a fully stocked walk in humidor, but you can wish for the humidor, empty or you cant wish for all the stogies in the world, just one box, cab at a time)

3) I am being a consumerist pig, so it has to be something you can buy at a store (so DD, as much as you want, Tally cant be on your list Wink )

4) find pictures if on can Wink

LETS SEE what you really REALLY want!

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
1)  alas I dont have a car at the moment, so I wish to rectify that, Santa!  How bout with this:

[Image: VanquishV12S.jpg]

an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S: MSRP, only $255,000!

2)  as much as would really want a box of say Sharks, I would be happy with a box of stogies that is rather atttainable, if not for me right now.  How bout:

[Image: hoyoepicno2CS.jpg]

Probably my favortie cuban cigar to date, save for the 97 Partagas Lusi Mikey gave me for my 25th BDay!  Price: somewhere around $375

3) How bout a trip to the 2007 WSOP Main Event

[Image: WSOP.jpg]

Not that I think I could win or anything, but it would be fun to play:

cost 10,000 buy in plus airfare and accomodations.

well there you go.  I dont ask for much, dontcha think??


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
Without a doubt it would be my mom & dad being alive. & my oldest son being back in my life. but... Well, I'll try to keep it real. These are things I truly look at and price. Things I expect to own one day. Not this extravagant, but this is a wish list.


[Image: 297-SRE01-H146-05.jpg]

Except move it to the oceanfront. It's a house in Aruba. Up in the mountains, pretty isolated (used to be owned by a columbian drug lord). Going for a mere $850,000.

Or this one for 1.4 mill... on the beach

[Image: l_su9.jpg]



[Image: 1364787_1.jpg?1161068400000]

I could have gotten silly and asked for something like the octopus (owned by Allen-co-founder of Microsoft), but this is in fact a used boat. 2001 65 foot hateras. $1.9

mill. [Image: 1364787_2_thumb.jpg?1][Image: 1364787_3_thumb.jpg?1]

[Image: 1364787_5_thumb.jpg?1][Image: 1364787_10_thumb.jpg?1]

it has everything I look for in a boat and a bit more.

3-This is tough... If I had my #1 & #2, then I'd say the money to keep them guilt free. Of course enought to not work too, but then again you cant buy money with money... so trying to keep with the theme... hmmm... cant buy friends, not real ones... can't buy health... I got my woman Debbi...[Image: debbismall.JPG]... I don't know... I think #1 & #2 are enough. Unless I had the $ to pay for Osama's death.


1. a winning lottery ticket, do't care o the amount, just somthing

2. a real full time race car, always wanted a 41 Willy's

[Image: 2887862628014.jpg]


3. a years worth of private golf  lessons from Butch Harmon

[Image: harmon2.jpg]
Just three things? Big Grin

Okay . . .

1. This modest estate in Montecito, California (probably only Kuwait and Dubai have higher per capita incomes, lol) recently sold for 4.8M . . . it features a full guest house over the three-car garage, amazing attention to detail, beautiful finishes, and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the lights of Santa Barbara.

[Image: imageA.jpg]

2. The only thing it doesn't have is a major home theater installation . . . but it DOES have a large, stone-walled, beamed ceiling unfinished basement, so this installation by world-reknowned theater designer Theo Kalomirakis would suit the architecture nicely:

[Image: tuscany_1.jpg]

3. The house is located on Bella Vista Drive, a twisty canyon road through the Sierra foothills. So naturally I'd need something brutally beautiful like the Confederate Wraith to blow the cobwebs out from time to time on:

[Image: ConfederateB91Wraith.jpg]

Yeah . . . that'd work. Cool

A new job out of the Ironworkers,I had enough.
I will miss that generous benefits and ease of work.I will miss the 100grand a year checks.I will miss being able to take a winter off too hunt,ski,and escape the cold.Or take a summer off to fish,ride,and relax.

I need something new.
I want my own businesses and more time for fixing houses up and selling.I want,and am learning,my internet marketing expert business.I want freedom to do what I want when I want and several sources of backup incomes.I want to relax in my own cigarshop,coffee/internet cafe.

Oh,and for all the tree hugging liberals to shut the hell up about what others are not doing or are doing that they dont like and just do what they want, to help others,but the others have to want there help before they take action!
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:Without a doubt it would be my mom & dad being alive. & my oldest son being back in my life.

a very nice sentiment john.  that's what the holidays are about.
Rob The Long Island Cowboy Wrote:
Skipper the cigar aFISHinodo Wrote:Without a doubt it would be my mom & dad being alive. & my oldest son being back in my life.

a very nice sentiment john.  that's what the holidays are about.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Np Doubt, and I am sure all of us have a similar thought somewhere in our hearts. If it wasnt for the fact that I am going to see them for the first time in 1 1/2 years the second week of January, all I would want for christmas is to see my family.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
I want one of these....

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