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Alec Bradley Tempus
I have had a few of the Tempus, and have enjoyed every one of them Smile
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Bearded Dad Blog:

Pete Wrote:     Welcome to the forum, Oz (Olindo)

     Ironic, as a few weeks ago, Magnum PI recommended I try one of these.  My regular tobacconist doesn't carry Alec Bradley Cigars  (they may now, as they've just expanded a week and a half ago).  So, I went to another area tobacconist that carries them, and picked up the Robusto ($7.80, I think).  It was the first Alec Bradley I've purchased to date. 

    Finally got around to smoking it two Sundays ago, but was hesitant to bring my impressions to the table without trying a second one.  Reason being, I got an "off stick", as it tunneled on me after the first inch was smoked (well, actually two very small tunnels).  The taste was seemingly going in the direction I usually enjoy, but I didn't want to judge as I was burning mostly binder (wrapper didn't burn at the same rate).  I tried shearing off the cigar (about half way) and starting over, but no dice.  Hey, it happens - had a Perdomo Habano, as well as a Padron 3000 that tunneled on me... and I'm certainly not going to stop smoking Padrons!

     I've not written off the Tempus, nor the Alec Bradley brand.  Like I said, Magnum PI really enjoys them, and he and I seemingly share much the same tastes when it comes to the fuller-bodied smokes.  I WILL try it again.   

Yes, its true.  I love the Tempus in the robusto size.  Its the only size I have had so far and I think its fantastic.  It was recommended to me by my local B&M.  Just a great flavor profile.  I sent a lancero to a member of this forum and am awaiting his review.

I know some guys around here think the band is really cool too. 

I have not tried any other AB sticks, but will smoke more of the Tempus line.
wingo Wrote:Padron 2000/3000.... are under filled.     
  I agree... more so with the 2000's.  The 5000's are "just right".  I'm thinking that's my next box purchase.
Gunnar and I smoked some of these last night.  He had the Mumcero version and I had the torpedo.  This is truly a great stick and this one instance I feel that it deserves the rating it got.

Ironically, this stick tastes very similiar to the CAO LX2.  

The AB Tempus is a winner in my book and I will buy a box.

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