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AVO La Trompeta
Here's my review for the new Limited Edition Avo La Trompeta that I purchased Friday and smoked this evening. Here are the basics:

Shape: Piramide
Length: 6 1/2"
Ring Gauge: 54

It has a Dominican filler and a Piloto binder.

[Image: DSCN1501.jpg]

I snipped off about 5/8" from the tip and lit it up with a torch lighter.

[Image: DSCN1502.jpg]

The interior lit easily, but the exterior radius didn't light quite as well. The first few puffs are strong in flavor. It has an interesting coffee and cocoa flavor, with a hint of sweetness. After about 1/2", the flavor is not quite as strong, but still very good.

[Image: DSCN1504.jpg]

So far, the cigar burns very well. The cigar itself doesn't smoke too much. The draw smoke is great and the draw is great.

Oddly enough, the ash has opened up, and looks somewhat like a trumpet.

[Image: DSCN1503.jpg]

The ash has help all the way to the first dot. The taste is consistent in flavor, but varies in strength from medium to high.

[Image: DSCN1504.jpg]

At the first dot, it started to get a slight uneven burn, but it was never an issue.

[Image: DSCN1505.jpg]

At the second dot, the taste is consistent and ash has held. It did keep the slight uneven burn. The cigar itself still doesn't smoke too much. The ash held all the way to the LaTrompeta band, and I knocked it off.

[Image: DSCN1507.jpg]

The burn to the band is more of the same, a good, cocoa flavor with a noticable sweetness. I removed the last band, and smoked this one to the end. It was a consistent smoke in every aspect except the strength of flavor, which did vary a bit throughout, but it was never close to being an issue,

Overall, I would say this is a very good cigar. Going in, I have only smoked a handful of AVOs, and was never really that impressed with them. I would go back to this one for sure. Great to smoke on a relaxing evening. The price will probably be in the $14-$19 range depending on where you buy it.

Mystery- I didn't search for it, but I don't know what wrapper is used on this cigar. It's dark like a maduro, but sweet like an excellent Cameroon. Better than any Cameroon I've had in a long while.

I suggest this be put on your "try" list.Wink

[Image: DSCN1508.jpg]
Great review, thanks for sharing. Many avo fans here and have yet to see this one mentioned. I'll keep my I out for this
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Thanks for taking the time.
I've been buying the AVOs limited editions the past few years. I need to step up and get these soon.
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Nice review

Good review!

Sounds like an excellent cigar.
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Nice review, might have one of these today.
I was given one of these last month, it's still resting. Nice review and pics.
Great review

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