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I bought my first humidor like 2 months ago.  I'm not sure the wife is going to go for a new humidor but I am close to filling it.  I think I'll convert a cooler and not mention I need a bigger one just yet.
[user=1333]ScottinAZ[/user], all this after only 43 posts on StogieChat. You have the sickness.
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Rob The Long Island Cowboy Wrote:
MikeD Wrote:This place is bad on the wallet.  You will see stuff others got you must have too.  It happens to all of us here. There is no getting around it. You are doomed. [cigar]
[color="red"]hahahahaha i'd be richer in the wallet and poorer in the soul without stogiechat.[/color]
I never realized you could wax poetic, robfather !!!  I would have to agree.  I just bout me a new 48 qt Rubbermaid cooler to turn into my new coolerdor/Box Collector.h
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Jimmie the Mum Wrote:[user=1333]ScottinAZ[/user], all this after only 43 posts on StogieChat. You have the sickness.
I dont post a whole lot, as i really dont have a whole lot to say, but i do check the board 3-4x a day (at least). And I do agree, it is a sickness, but, then again, i dont really want the cure.
We need pictures!
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B-Dub Cigar Ambassador Wrote:We need pictures!
check out the humidor P0RN section, I posted more pics there tonight

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