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5 packs on JR
Hey guys, plan on picking up a couple of 5 packs on JR and have narrowed down a few brands and waswondering if you guys had any quick reviews/opinions on them?

1.  Maria Mancini

2. La Aurora

3. Las Cabrillas

4. Fonseca

All these brands were picked because they offer a light-medium stick that I liked and because they all sell for around $15-$17 for a 5 pack which is a great deal it seems. So if oyu guys can share any opinions that'd be great!

The La Aurora is ok after some aging.   Similar to Fuente 858, both have a cameroon wrapper.  I'd pick that one.
I'd choose the La Aurora as well. I've also heard great things about Maria Mancini.
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Definitely go with the Maria Mancini.  In particular, the Magic Mountain.  If I had the money I'd buy a few boxes of them...
La Aurora is my pick .......
Im going to go wth a 5'er of Marias and a 5'er of La Aurora. Thanks boys.

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