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5 Vegas Series A Toro
PsychoPuffin79: I see where you get the charred, like a really aged whiskey

miked889: yeah

PsychoPuffin79: aesthetically this stogie is a gem

PsychoPuffin79: dark, firm, nicely rolled, draws like a dream, burns perfect

miked889: like it?

PsychoPuffin79: yep, enjoyable

PsychoPuffin79: maybe not the MOST complex stogie ever, but thats the only knock so far

miked889: glad you approve


PsychoPuffin79: so back to the 5 vegas for a second

PsychoPuffin79: it seems to me this is very much like a good  $25 bourbon

PsychoPuffin79: it has a nice rich profile

PsychoPuffin79: but it doesnt necessarily develop on it

PsychoPuffin79: kinda wraps you comfortably in its simplicity

miked889: kinda my take on it as well

PsychoPuffin79: so compare it to say Jim beam black or hmmmm Wild Turkey 101

A Piece of an AIM convo I had with mike while smoking this cigar, which he so kindly sent to me a while back.  Generally a nice stogie, if not tremendously complex Construction and draw were great, and I was awash with thick fragrant smoke. Ash held nicely too.  Overall I nice middle of the road smoke, and when I checked around, for a decent middle of the road price.  Overall a thumbs up.


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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
I love em' [rob]
When have I ever steered you wrong on a cigar, Tommy boy? (If I recall it was only once when I recommended the Torano Silver, but I do have a 99.8%success rate with my recommendations to you [cigar])
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wow...glad you enjoyed that Tommy...I on the other hand had a different experience. I smoked a robusto size and a torpedo within the same week recently. I thought both were just ordinary and nothing special at all. I agree with the construction, draw, and burn....but flavor lacked for me. Just my opinion on it...

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I don't even have words bro. You have absolutely blown the $hit out of me. No come back, I got nothing, speechless - The Shephard PO - RIP July 2007
It was kinda a one note cigar.  I guess I just liked that note.


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool

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