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5 Vegas Cask-Strength
Man, it was beautiful here in GA yesterday, so when I got home I decided to try something different and these seemed to be calling to me. I picked them up a couple of months ago (yes, for the box), and they seemed to fit the bill for the moment. Here's what I got:

Brand:  5 Vegas – Cask Strength


Frontmark/Vitola/Size: Toro 5.75 x 54

Wrapper: Cuban Seed Dominican Natural

Binder: Dominican Corojo


Filler: Brazilian, Dominican, Cubano Piloto, and Nicaraguan


Local/online price: There are only available in this one size and is a limited addition, limited distribution vitola:
Toro – 6 x 52 Toro $30.00/5-pack or $99.95/box[/b]


Only available online at Cigar International or their auction site C-Bid[/b]

First impression: Rustic, toothy with medium to heavy veins ruing the length of the cigar, very firm but no hint of plugs, suspected burn problems with the veins though

Prelight draw: Wrapper smelled earthy, while the foot smelled of grassy licorice, typical loose draw that I find with most of this manufacturer’s products

Light: Lit very easily with no need to continuously puff to get started, smoke rolling off foot has a mild, pleasant smell.


Smoking the cigar: The first inch of this cigar was fairly unremarkable, a little bitter on the lips from the wrapper, the grassy, black licorice very much in the forefront. Progressing into the smoke I kept getting hints of spice, but it just never really came out. The finish was very short, no creaminess whatsoever, which was not what I expected. Nor were there ever any burn issues which really surprised me. This stick lasted over 90 minutes, I didn’t nub it, just kinda lost interest. Not that it was bad thing, I’m hooked on 24 and it was about to start.

Ash: Very consistent, firm and mottled grey, I’ve made the decision to stop wearing ash, so I have been dumping every inch or so. This one seemed to want to hold on though.

Conclusion/Comments: Not a bad cigar, I didn’t care for the short finish, but that’s just me. I don’t normally like a cigar that leaves me parched, but there were enough flavors in this stick to make me want to try it again. The ad copy touts it as a full strength cigar, I think more of a medium. It is also being played up for the box, I must confess, the box had a lot to do with my buying this cigar. As it turns out it is very unique, but instead of looking like a “cask” it reminds me of a mailbox with a really good paint job. Because of the limited availability, my value scale is a little skewed; if you can get these from the auction site (mine was $54.00) I would get another box, but not for retail.

My scale for rating is as follows:

Appearance: 1-10[/b]

Construction: 1-10[/b]

Burn: 1-10[/b]

Taste: 1-60[/b]

Value: 1-10[/b]

For this cigar:[/b]






For a total of - 75[/b]

Very nice and detailed review!!!  Thanks!!!

I too saw these in their catalog and wondered how they were.  I may try to pick a couple up to try!  I like a medium bodied cigar so I will see if I like!

Thanks again!


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