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05 Anejo Shark
Easy review:


It's one of prettiest cigars you'll ever look at but it also warns "Don't relax too much".

Wonderful dark tobacco pre-light that was just smooth and satisfying right away.  Beautiful to watch the cigar burn in that suare shape like a champ.  Lit easier than I expected.  Smoked like a really refined but powerful smoke.  I could feel that "Anejo" buzzzz pretty early on.  The cigar just kept that up the whole time.  A truly wonderful smoking experience.  They may be part hype but we can all agree that the moment and experience can add alot to a cigar.  This cigar brings the moment and makes the experience.  I might use that in my sig line.

I have to admit, I don't care much for Anejos OTT.  I've given most of mine a year to rest.  This year has been exclusively a Shark hunt and boy am I glad I've been fortunate enough to grab nearly 2 full boxes with a chance for another Tuesday.  If they are anywhere near this one from last year then I can't wait to smoke these next year.
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Wow two boxes, good hunting. Did anyone else notice that 2006 boxes are slightly larger than the 2005's?

Smoked the Cameroon shark earlier tonight, and it was unbelievable.
That's my kind of review.
It's also EXACTLY how I feel about the '05 55's.
I'm down to 3 of them, and hate it. Really going to miss those little guys!
Hopefully Father's Day '07 brings a new shipment.
Headley Wrote:I have to admit, I don't care much for Anejos OTT.  I've given most of mine a year to rest.
I'm with you on this one.  OTT, these things are just way too harsh for me.  It takes at least a year for them to mellow out enough to find those background flavors.
If Anejos are going to be purchased via singles here,I usually get over 20 at both release times throughout the year and sit them till the next year,at which time I smoke the previous year and stash the new just tastes better.
I never had one older then a year but from what I heard they age well and after 3yrs it tastes like new,same stregnth but more refined.

Thanks for the review,one of my favs.
Shaaaaaaaark = gooooooooooood


Nuff said. Tongue
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